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Swiss Park

Welcome to the Land of Legends

Let your fingers run over the books, fairy characters, trees and animals. Get inspired by the magic, wisdom, hope and delight that emanate from the bronze.

Centrally located in the city, the park has been installed in 2015.
Sculptures in the Swiss Park Légende d'Automne
Parc légende d'Automne Suisse

Légende d'Automne Park

The first park applying the “Seeing through Touch” concept was created in 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was warmly received by the public - particularly children, seniors, the disabled, and those who love art.

A New Concept

This work of art is one of a kind and offers educational as well as relaxing qualities. Eighteen sequences in bronze narrate a legend, and each sequence comes with a book explaining the story step by step in braille and in letters.
Parc Légende d'Automne in Switzerland
Artist Sara.H near her sculpture

Swiss Made

Légende d'Automne has been realised in Switzerland, created by Sara.H in collaboration with the artist DeLaPerouze and the art foundry Perseo SA, backed up by the Association Légende d'Automne and supported by donators, honorary members and its community.

This major work is entirely financed by donations and was offered as a gift to the city of Lausanne, which has dedicated a beautifully situated park to its installation.

The Park in Pictures

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The Tale

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Written Version

1. A long, long time ago, our planet was called Emeraude (Emerald). Its people named it so because of the blue-green colour of the trees which covered the planet.

2. Its habitants lived in harmony with nature. They took great care of the trees. Their hearts beat for these majestic beings.

3. All the children learned to listen to them, speak to them and care for them. The village magician revealed all his secrets to them. The biggest one being his infinite love for life...

4. The magician showed them how to brew a special music powder. This potion had magical powers for the trees.

5. The place where all the world’s great magicians gathered was located by the ocean. This village was called Méduse many families lived there.

6. Leane and Loïc, two children from this community, spent all their time outdoors and loved nature. Every morning they visited the trees of Méduse.

7. After a few days, Leane started to feel a certain sadness consuming the trees. With Loïc’s help, she sprinkled the music potion onto the roots of each one.

8. But nothing helped. Their melancholy increased day by day and their vigor disappeared. Leane went to find the village wizard who advised her to speak to Sage, the oldest tree in the region.

9. The young girl walked all day. At nightfall she came across a majestic shadow, Sage was standing right in front of her. His beauty moved the girl. She asked Sage the reason for this sadness which had invaded all the trees. He bent towards Leane and his foliage whispered the secret.

10. A few weeks later, an ice cloud descended on the Earth. If nothing could stop it, it would freeze the surface of the planet and destroy all life.

11. Shaken, the young girl ran to join her friend Loïc and the magician. With teary eyes, she explained the situation to them. Loïc didn’t say anything.

12. After a restless night, the two children went back to the ocean. Many hours spent thinking had resulted in a wonderful idea: gather all the habitants of Emeraude in Méduse and use their breaths in unison to drive away the ice cloud.

13. Time was passing quickly and they didn’t have enough messengers, nor paper, to alert all the habitants. Leane filled Sage in on her idea, he asked her to return at sunrise.

14. At dawn, Leane stood in front of Sage. The old tree had consulted his peers. Together they had decided to give away all their foliage to be used as parchments to write to the habitants of the planet. The wind, who had heard them, suggested being their messenger and transporting all the leaves at top speed.

15. The trees shed their leaves. The village got to work. The sign was written onto each leaf. Then the wind blew stronger and stronger to carry the thousands of messages.

16. Three moons later, Méduse was flooded with people. Everyone from Emeraude was united. The magician asked them to group together at the water’s edge and to blow with all their might towards the sky.

17. The ice cloud who had been visible for a few days now, graciously moved on under the joyful gaze of the crowd below. A gentle warmth enveloped the planet and nature awoke. In memory of this glorious day, trees lose their leaves every year, during the first chills of Autumn...

18 ... and if somebody tells you that this is just a story, keep quiet until the first days of Autumn. Walk under the trees and delicately pick a dead leaf…..If you really look at it, you will discover the sign that was sent to the habitants of Emeraude to unite them in saving the planet.
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